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Lauren Hooper

July 2011- December 2011
Watch Lauren star in the film, KING OF PAPER CHASIN’, playing on ,The Movie Channel, and Showtime On Demand! There’s talk of making it into a TV series!

April 2011
Lauren will perform in two readings of new plays for Suzan-Lori Parks’ Loving The Living Playwright Lab at NYU.  The plays are BLOOD MONEY  by A. Zell Williams, and PRETTY COLOR by Nicole Bilbrew.

April 2011
Lauren will perform in the 90-minute reading of the musical, CUBAMOR, for NYU’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. The show’s writers are Charles Vincent Burwell & James D. Sasser.

February 2011
Lauren works with Shawn Emamjomeh, Julia Arazi, Mizuo Peck and playwright Ricardo Perez-Gonzalez for a reading of Perez-Gonzalez’s new play, PLAGIUM.  The play was presented for Suzan-Lori Parks’ LOVING THE LIVING PLAYWRIGHT LAB at NYU.

January 2011
More big moves for KING OF PAPER CHASIN’! For all those who don’t have Verizon Fios or Time Warner Cable On Demand and want to see KOPC, you can now rent it on Netflix and iTunes, and purchase it online at,, and

And today, KING OF PAPER CHASIN’ commercials begin running on the BET TV channel.

Burr… It’s so cold here in NYC! Makes me look back to a photo shoot I did with pal, Regina von Schack, with longing! Ah, summer dresses, how I miss you : )

Here are some photos from the shoot.

Stay Warm!
Lauren : )

December 2010
Lauren will perform in a reading of a new musical, TORTOLA, at NYU’s famed Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program.  The program boasts alums like George C. Wolfe, Georgia Stitt, and Brad Ross.  The writers of TORTOLA are Charles Inniss and Nic Dris. 

December 2010
THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who went out and saw KING OF PAPER CHASIN in theatres or DEMANDED IT in your city.  It’s because of you the movement continues!!

For all those with Time Warner Cable, KING OF PAPER CHASIN is On Demand!!  Go ahead and watch it and tell your friends to watch it as well.

To Purchase KOPC after it’s released on DVD on January 18th, 2011, go to: Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart!


October 2010
Catch Lauren on the big screen.  KING OF PAPER CHASIN’, the movie she stars in, will be playing in select NYC theatres starting Friday, Oct 15th!

For more info check out:

Demand KOPC in Your City

KOPC Commercial (Ice T’s in it!)

September 2010
On September 24th, 2010, Lauren will sing on the program, “A Night of Hope”, an evening of inspiration through song for the Newark, NJ community at St. Philip’s Academy.  Also featured on the program is the Grammy Award winning gospel group, Jubilation.